How to repair and smooth your hair in only 2 minutes

How to repair and smooth your hair in only 2 minutes

We love treating ourselves to a hair mask but sometimes, we know you've only got a few minutes in your day to spare. Well, we took on board this feedback and headed to our lab to create our new Keratin 2 Minute Hair Repair Mask!

What is a hair mask?

Think of a hair mask as a deep conditioner. It contains a richer concentration of amazing ingredients designed to help repair, hydrate, nourish or rebuild your hair.

Our Keratin 2 Minute Hair Repair Mask is formulated with salon-quality keratin to nourish damaged hair. Your hair is primarily made up of keratin, a protein, so by using a hair mask infused with keratin, you’re softening, smoothing and preventing frizz.

How do you use a hair mask?

essano Keratin 2 Minute Hair Repair Mask

A hair mask should be applied to damp hair in place of a conditioner. After using our Keratin Complex Shampoo, apply a generous dollop to the ends of your hair and wait at least two minutes before rinsing out for it to work its magic. You can use this time to shave your legs, wash your face or treat yourself to an exfoliating body scrub.

Although you shampoo and condition your hair each time you wash it, you may not need a hair mask every time. If your hair is looking lacklustre or frizzy, reach for our hair mask instead of a conditioner. You can also leave this mask on for longer than two minutes for extra nourishment or follow up with a small amount of conditioner to lock in all the goodness from the mask!

We’ve packaged our hair mask into a convenient tottle container – super easy to take with you while travelling or to the gym.

Where to buy essano Keratin 2 Minute Hair Repair Mask

You can purchase this online through our website or find this in-store at New World and Pak'nSave in NZ, and Chemist Warehouse in Australia.

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