Bulk Buy Partner Program Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Essano’s Bulk Buy Partner Programme (BBPP)

Essano’s Bulk Buy Partner Programme (BBPP) is where industry partners enjoy essano products at a discounted bulk price. As business proprietors in certain industries, your advocacy of essano helps raises awareness, which ultimately motivates us to continually create market-leading natural skincare products for New Zealand and the world.

This programme is a privilege, and should not be abused. Approval process can take up to 7 days depending on the number of applications. All rules and regulations are explained below.

Businesses & Organizations include:

  • Accommodation: AirBnB, Resorts, Hotels & Lodges
  • Health & Wellness: Gyms, Spas, Beauty & Hair Salons
  • Food Services: Cafes, Restaurants & Clubs
  • Health Care & Social Assistance: Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Services & Residential Care services
  • Real Estate Services: Property Management Operators & Office and Shared Space Management
  • Social Enterprises: Foundations & Non-profit Societies and Organizations
  • Sports & Events: Sports Organizations & Event Managements Organizations

Programme Membership Rules:

  • The programme is currently only available for businesses based in New Zealand
  • Purchases are to be made only online at essano.co.nz
  • Only specified product collections are eligible for a bulk buy discount pricing
  • New product collections may be added from time to time without notice
  • Certain product collections are at times not included in the bulk buy discount pricing
  • The product collections need to be purchased in multiples of the minimum order quantity (MOQ) specified in the product page
  • No further promotional discounts can be applied to, or combined with, the bulk buy discounted pricing
  • Once approved membership lasts one full year. You will receive a renewal email close to or after your expiration date. You will be required to reapply at that time.
  • Membership is a privilege, therefore if any terms are known to be violated, essano has the full responsibility to terminate membership at any time.

Required Details & Documentation:

  • First & Last Name of Primary Contact
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Company Name
  • Website
  • Industry
  • Address
  • Description of how essano products will be used in business

By completing this application, you acknowledge that:

  • essano may contact you via email about your bulk buy partner programme account. Please note that we respect your privacy; email and mailing addresses are not released to third parties.
  • The responsibility and rules that comes with the special pricing essano offers you as an industry partner include:
    1. Not sharing your login account and discount pricing with anybody outside the realm of your membership
    2. Discussing your bulk buy partner programme discount with representatives of supermarkets and pharmacy chains will result in termination from the programme
    3. Talking about your pro deal in retail stores with customers will result in termination from the programme.
    4. Products are for use only within your business or as indicated in your application, and are not for re-sell.
    5. All sales are final – no returns/exchanges.
    6. Normal free shipping order threshold applies
  • Membership is valid for up to 12 months from application date. You will be asked to renew your membership at the conclusion of this period.
  • The ordered items may be delivered in split/multiple shipments based on the quickest and most cost-effective delivery provider determined by essano.
  • Returning items for a refund/exchange is prohibited.