essano Hand & Body Washes: Clean, Luxurious, and Naturally Effective essano Hand & Body Washes: Clean, Luxurious, and Naturally Effective

essano Hand & Body Washes: Clean, Luxurious, and Naturally Effective

Because skincare doesn't stop at your face, we're excited to introduce you to our new Hand & Body Wash collection with three scents to suit your mood. Transform your self-care routine at home with clean formulations in sleek, contemporary packaging reminiscent of boutique fragrances found in high-end department stores.

Keep reading for a comprehensive guide to our new Hand & Body Washes.

Active, Natural Ingredients

The essence of our new Hand and Body Wash collection is its ability to nourish and refresh your skin. We have crafted each formulation by combining active ingredients and luxurious scent infusions, resulting in a truly indulgent experience. They're also soap and paraben-free, which means a guilt-free cleanse that rejuvenates your skin.

  • Our Hand Wash has been specially formulated with amino acids, renowned for their skin-strengthening and protective properties.
  • Our Body Wash contains four types of hyaluronic acid, working harmoniously to soften and condition your skin, leaving it irresistibly smooth and supple.

Let's Talk Fragrances

We have infused the collection with three gorgeous scents so you can choose the one that suits your mood.

Blood Orange combines the invigorating aroma of blood orange with a refreshing lime twist, creating a sweet citrus scent that transports you to the summertime, regardless of the season.

For a delicate and floral experience, Sweet Pea is a must-try. This exquisite blend of Sweet Pea and White Orchid offers a fresh and captivating bouquet, delivering elegance with every pump.

And for those of you yearning for an aromatic oasis, French Pear is a perfect match. The essence of ripe, fresh pear harmonises with creamy vanilla, resulting in a sophisticated combination that exudes luxury.

Modern Packaging

Not only do our Hand and Body Washes deliver exceptional results and smell divine, but they also come in sleek, glossy black bottles with minimalist labelling. No hiding these bottles away! You'll want to put your new Hand & Body Washes on display in the kitchen and bathroom.

Our Promise

Embrace the transformative power of clean formulations, luxurious scents, and modern design. Our new Hand & Body Wash collection will infuse your daily self-care routine with affordable luxury. 

Available now at Countdown supermarkets nationwide.

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