Our most powerful pro-ageing skincare range yet Our most powerful pro-ageing skincare range yet

Our most powerful pro-ageing skincare range yet

91% of Kiwi women worry about the physical effects of ageing on their skin*. This is why our expert chemists have worked tirelessly to develop a new range to address the most pressing skin concerns for women aged 50+ discovered through hours of in-depth research.

Our NEW Visible Repair skincare range features clinically proven formulas that are naturally and specifically formulated to deliver the maximum benefit for mature skin.

Clinically proven to reduce visible signs of ageing

Using independent testing methods with real women aged 50 and over in Europe, each product in our Visible Repair skincare range is clinically proven to deliver a range of results such as instant and long-lasting hydration, reduce depth and degree of wrinkles and improve skin firmness and appearance within 2 to 4 weeks.^

These results were not only a testament to the efficacy of our Visible Repair range, they also helped us to achieve our mission – to empower women to feel confident in their skin and age fearlessly.

Why do we talk about pro-ageing?

At essano, we are passionate about developing active natural-based skincare that enhances rather than hides our skin as we age. Ageing is a privilege and something we want to celebrate.

However, we know that skin changes as we age – especially during hormonal changes such as perimenopause and menopause. When estrogen levels plummet during menopause, the skin loses the ability to protect itself, maintain hydration or produce collagen the way it once could, resulting in constant dryness and the appearance of deeper wrinkles, increased visibility of pigmentation and age spots.

Visible Repair has been formulated and rigorously tested to minimise the impact of these changes so you can get on with living your best life, fearlessly with skin confidence.

Tree of Life - the incredible ingredient  behind our Visible Repair skincare range

Our Visible Repair range is powered by Lapagyl™ advanced botanical ingredient that is proven to promote a slower ageing process and increased skin longevity, resulting in a radiant, firmer and younger appearance. This is sustainably sourced from the Lapacho tree, the national tree of Paraguay, known as the “tree of life” by the Incas.

We’re the first skincare brand to utilise this in our products, sourcing our Lapagyl™ advanced botanical ingredient sustainably from a joint venture between local communities in Paraguay an initiative backed by a United Nations fund specifically designed to support female entrepreneurs.

Our head chemist Klavdija Lukman explains how it works:

“As a chemist, we see a lot of ingredients, but this one stood out among the crowd. It is proven to slow the ageing process! How does it do this? It delays the telomere shortening - the process where with every division, the cell chromosomes become shorter, which leads to a loss of genetic data and eventually, to cellular senescence – this is what creates ageing. However, Lapagyl™ advanced botanical ingredient protects the telomeres and increases their activity to protect the genetic data. This results in a radiant look and visibly improved skin appearance.”

Try our powerful new range

Visible Repair Facial Elixir
Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles depth within 4 weeks and increases skin elasticity within 2 weeks^
A non-greasy, oil-based elixir harnessing Lapagyl™ advanced botanical ingredient, Bakuchiol (a natural alternative to retinol) and antioxidant Vitamin C.

Visible Repair SPF15 Day Cream
Clinically proven to hydrate for 24 hours^
Alongside Lapagyl™ advanced botanical ingredient, it also contains OceanDerMX, a unique botanical blend containing New Zealand Red seaweed and Mamuka-Black fern cells, to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
Hyaluronic Acid to help retain the skin's moisture and keep skin looking plumped, refreshed and healthier looking all day long.

Visible Repair Eye Cream
Clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles depth and improve appearance of dark circles within 4 weeks^
Formulated with Eyeseryl Peptide, a tetra-peptide with demonstrated effectiveness to reduce puffiness under the eyes, and natural algae extract Shadownyl, proven to help reduce dark circles and fine lines around the eyes.

Visible Repair Night Cream
Clinically proven to improve skin appearance and skin firmness within 2 weeks^
Lapagyl™ advanced botanical ingredient is combined with Bakuchiol, a natural alternative to the powerful anti-ageing ingredient retinol.
Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), a multifunctional ingredient that improves skin complexion, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and protects the skin's barrier.

Available online or at Countdown, New World, Pak'nSave and Bargain Chemist.

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    *Results garnered from a survey done on 500 NZ women 50 + in April 2022
    ^Independent clinical study on 20 women aged 50 and over
    OceanDerMX® Lift & Firm is a registered trademark of Organic Bioactives Holdings Limited
    Lapagyl™ and Eyeseryl™ are trademarks of Lipotec S.A. or its affiliates.
    Shadownyl™ is a registered trademark of BASF Beauty Care Solutions.

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