Serums 101: Application and Layering

Serums 101: Application and Layering

Serums… we all love them, but do we really know what they are and how to use them? Well, let’s break it down.

What are serums and why do you need them?

Every skincare product has a different function. A toner balances your skin and preps it for treatments. A moisturiser restores hydration to your skin. And a serum? It’s a lightweight formula designed to boost your existing skincare routine by targeting a specific skin concern.

It’s a common misconception that serums are water-based to distinguish them from oils. While that used to be true, advances in the science industry have now shown that serums can boast a wide range of different formulas. A quality serum will be formulated with ingredients that have smaller molecule sizes to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin.

Do you need a serum? Not necessarily. If your skincare routine gives you exactly what you’re after, you’ve achieved perfect harmony. If you have a specific skin concern you’d like to target, serums are your new best friend.

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How to apply serums

Serums work best when you apply them to cleansed, toned skin. One tip we love to recommend time and time again is to apply serums when your skin is slightly damp from the toner. This helps the ingredients of serums absorb into your skin.

Most serums will come in a dropper bottle or a pump. As they are a concentrated formula, a few drops are all you need. The function of the serum will determine where to apply on your face. For example, our Eye Perfect Peptides should be patted gently around your eyelid crease, the corners of your eyes and on your undereye area. Our Sensitive Support Ceramides can be dabbed across your entire face or just onto any areas of discomfort.

Once applied, let your serum absorb fully before moving onto another serum or your day or night créme.

How to layer multiple serums together

You don’t want to overwhelm your skin with too many actives. Start with one serum in the morning and a different one at night and slowly introduce more. Make sure you patch-test all new serums before you add them into your routine.

While many other serums may have limitations with layering (for example, vitamin C and niacinamide with other brands are likely not compatible), we worked hard to ensure that all of our serums can work together without any side effects.

essano Concentrated Serums

When layering serums, start with the lighter ones first – these generally will have smaller molecule sizes in a gel consistency.

We recommend: Skin Tone Perfector Niacinamide, Intense Hydration Hyaluronic Acid, Clear Complexion Detoxifying Serum

Follow with slightly heavier serums, usually a creamy lotion consistency.

We recommend: Advanced Brightening Vitamin C, Sensitive Support Ceramides, Collagen Boost Serum or Hydrating Rosehip Hyaluronic Moisture Serum.

Finish with the heaviest of the serums, usually these are oil-based formulas that sit on top of the other serums absorbed into your skin.

We recommend: Wrinkle Rescue Natural Retinol Alternative

Our Eye Perfect Peptides serum has been designed to work on its own, in place of an eye créme. We suggest you apply this first before any other serum.

Ready to find your perfect skincare serum? Head on over to our skincare quiz to find out which one suits you best or browse our full range of serums here.


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